Re-Freakin-Introduction!: My Elimination Experience

Finally! The day(s) have come to reintroduce all those beloved favorites I’ve/we’ve missed so much…you know what I’m talking about: chocolate and bananas, of course – the straggler triggers we eliminated mid-process, plus all those other goodies: corn, ice cream, and least we neverrrrr forget GLUTEN! I am so. freaking. pumped! I’ll add a brief, […]


The First Weekend: My Elimination Experience

It’s crazy to me that it’s almost 7:30PM (dinner time now), and I’ve only eaten…well…breakfast and lunch. But I’m not starving. The headaches are still sneaking in – never for long anymore though, and barely noticeable. This weekend was great! I expected it to be hard, hell to be honest, I expected it to be […]


Day 2: My Elimination Experience

Dinner last night was great! I’m already having fun making my new creations, but I can also already see all the work getting old quickly. I have to make sure I am staying a few steps ahead of myself, purchasing ingredients that can be useful in any recipe, and making sure I am constantly aware […]